Alexander Santillo, Sweden

Collectively curiosity.  Clinical Case Discussions of the Neuropscyhiatric International Consortium Frontotemporal Dementia (NIC-FTD).


One of the activities of the Neuropsychiatric International Consortium for Frontotemporal Dementia (NIC-FTD) is Clinical Case Discussions. Clinicians from all professions and levels of experience are invited to attend and present. Sessions are moderated by international experts. Often, cases are ambiguous and become a learning experience in several aspects. This presentation is a representative exposé of cases presented over the last few years.


Dr. Alexander Santillo is a psychiatrist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Lund University, Sweden. Clinically, he specializes in psychotic disorders and frontotemporal dementia, which is mirrored in his research interest (schizophrenia and frontotemporal dementia). His work on frontotemporal dementia encompasses mechanisms of reduced empathy, biomarkers (PET, fluid biomarkers), and the role of neurodevelopment in expression of disease.

  • Clinical Case discussion

    Date: 20 Sep 2024Time: 09:00 - 09:45 CET